Paying out of pocket? Fare reductions up to 100% may be available!


  • Up to 40 km: 50 cents/km per passenger
  • Over 40 km: 50 cents/km for one passenger; 30 cents/km for multiple passengers
  • Wait times: For most non-medical trips, one hour wait time is included in km fare. There are no wait time charges for medical trips.
Fares will be rounded to the closest $5. As always, one-way trips with single passengers will be charged as round trips because the cost to us is the same, however we will do our best to combine passengers whenever schedules allow. ATTENDANTS ALWAYS RIDE FREE!


Don't let concerns about cost keep you from contacting us! Let us work with you to help get you where you need to go!

Our rates reflect a break-even cost to help keep us sustainable, but we understand that because of the distances our residents need to travel to even local destinations the rate changes may pose a difficulty for many of our riders who are paying out-of-pocket.

Many of our riders are eligible for fare reductions - click here to learn about our T.A.B. system!

We are also able to direct bill the Department of Community Services and other funding programs, and can connect riders with funding programs that can help with transportation to essential travel!