Community transportation puts PEOPLE first

The Sou'West Nova Transit Association was formed in 2009 with the understanding that access to transportation doesn't just benefit individual clients; it benefits the County as a whole. In small communities like ours, affordable public transportation a vital part of keeping us all connected. The service was officially launched in September of 2012.


We strive to provide services to any Shelburne County resident who requests them, placing a priority on helping those with barriers related to age, health, mobility, finances, and lack of support structures access essential services.


  • Volunteer Drivers - Using their own vehicles (mileage and expenses reimbursed), our volunteer drivers pick up individual clients at their door and deliver them to directly to their destinations. (Clients using this service must be able to get into and out of a vehicle with little to no assistance.)
  • Fleet Car - Thanks to a grant from NS-Moves and a partnership with Murray GM, SWNT added a 2013 Chevrolet Cruze to our fleet in 2014. This car is driven by one of our staff drivers as an extention of the growing service provided by volunteer drivers to increase our ridership capacity.
  • Accessible Minivan - Purchased largely through a grant from the Province of Nova Scotia's Accessible Transportation Assistance Program (ATAP), this 2014 Dodge Caravan is available for accessible travel and general travel. Sponsorship is provided by Roseway Chrysler and Smith & Watt
  • Bus - Our 14-passenger accessible bus is available to transport multiple clients at once, and also to provide wheelchair accessible travel to groups and individuals.
  • Charter – SWNT's bus is available to community groups for organized travel; contact us for terms and rates.